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“These agents sound better than some folks that have been doing this for a year! We would never have guessed some of these agents have only been on the phones for two weeks.”



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    In winter 2023, the world’s leading digital roadside assistance platform, was challenged by recent cut-backs and budget constraints.  Not wanting to end its existing contract with Arise and the high-quality support being delivered to its 200,000+ drivers across America or move its contact volume to a next best provider in Columbia, the client enlisted Arise’s creative solutioning to uncover a more cost-effective alternative to the current onshore offering.

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    • Engaged inter-departmental resources to discuss game plan and ensure no gaps.
    • Leveraged network of more than 2,000 GigCX service partners in Jamaica to source 73 FTE.
    • Delivered certification for two lines of business, one being 15 days in length, the other 17 days in length with Best Start included.
    • Scheduled agents in 30-minute increments using the Starmatic™ Scheduling System, providing extreme flexibility as needed.
    • Provided robust, 24/7 support services to ensure the
      highest level of quality.

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