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Transforming Customer Service Training Through Blended Learning – A Partnership Between Arise and a Banking Client

Measurable Benefits

The newly designed program resulted in:

Reduction in L&D
0 %
10 weeks to 6 weeks
Decrease in turnover rate
0 %
Increase in learner satisfaction
0 %
60% in ’22 to 86% in 23

In 2023, Arise Virtual Solutions collaborated with the Enterprise Learning & Talent Development (ELTD) team of a renowned Banking Client to overhaul their New Hire Blended Learning Curriculum. The partnership aimed to streamline the onboarding process, enhance learner engagement, and improve organizational performance.



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    The initial curriculum took 12 weeks to complete and lacked a simulated environment, proving to be both time-consuming and inefficient. The absence of hands- on practice led to errors in live customer interactions, posing a direct operational risk for the Banking Client.

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    Arise took on the challenge and co-created a redesigned blended learning curriculum that reduced training time by 50%, without cutting corners on content or quality. The curriculum now includes two vital components—Sandbox and Mock Call Simulation Online Learning Courses (OLLs)—enabling learners to practice in a simulated work environment.

Results that matter

A Step Towards Operational Excellence

The new simulated training environments reduced costly errors, ensuring a more realistic learning experience and reducing operational risks. According to internal surveys, 86% of newly hired associates found the training relevant and expressed confidence in applying their new skills.

Vision Achieved

The project resonated with ELTD’s 2023 Vision Statement, focusing on collaboration, design work, and problem-solving. Both Arise and the Customer Contact Center (CCC) viewed the partnership as a win-win, leading to organizational strength and improved workforce performance.

The design met the Banking Client's objectives for speed and efficacy. A 17% decrease in time to production was observed immediately after the first update, with further improvements brought on by the 2023 redesign. The design directly impacted the CCC workforce volume, allowing the company to meet primary organizational objectives without sacrificing content or learner engagement.

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